Sales Enquiry & Handover Follow up calls

  • Want to increase knowledge of the customer experience, from the customer perspective?
  • Want an independent measure of your sales process?
  • Want to know what your customers think about your sales people?
  • Want to discover potential hidden roadblocks in the sales process?

If any of the above apply to you, why not give us a call and discuss outsourcing your sales enquiry follow up. We have a fully trained team of telephone specialists who will contact those customers on your behalf. You’ll receive a ‘no holds barred’ report on the current state of your sales process as well as being able to identify potential training needs within the sales department.

With appropriate knowledge and training the average dealer could also see 1 -2 incremental vehicle sales per month, at an assumed value of £700 retained PPU; the service not only comfortably pays for itself, but should also see Sales CSI scores increase.

During the work we will cleanse data, and data capture along the way, making the process measurement and customer comment not the only benefits.

If you’re unsure about taking the step to outsourcing, we will do 1 months trial of sales follow up work for a flat fee of £350. This includes all of our standard reporting, and gives you the opportunity to see how much value is potentially there for you in a longer project.

Take the step towards increasing knowledge of your sales process, and not feeding your local competition now!

To discuss further please call: -

Paul Smart: – 07729 869901

Or email: –

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