Lead Generation and Appointment Making

Lead Generation

Using cleansed data, whether this is data you have supplied or data we have sourced, we will assign a dedicated executive to you and your project, to contact prospects explaining the benefits of your product or services, having good detailed two way conversation engaging key decision makers. The essence of this service is to increase your visibility, with varied offerings to existing or potential customers.

At this point you dictate the level of information you would like us to acquire, for instance it could be that you would like us to gauge a general level of interest with regards to your product or services. We can then pass this information back to you and your sales team, so that they can then be followed up in-house.

You may also like us to go further in depth and carry out a full qualification. This will be finding out key pieces of information that will allow you to determine the scale or size of the opportunity discovered. The qualification information will be pre-determined during our comprehensive project brief which is carried out before starting any campaign. We will create the correct sales opportunity for you and your team helping us to work together towards that all important common goal.

Appointment Making

After having spoken with your key decision makers and qualified the leads to your specification we can now go one step further and book your appointments. We will manage and nurture your leads until the correct time of an appointment, rather than going for the quick win today as is common place with other companies.

Our approach is to build relationships with potential customers over time, so that trust and rapport are built prior to booking an appointment, by using our combined experience and structured call backs to sell the benefits.

Account managing each lead along the way, we do not operate on a high volume low output approach but strategically work your leads to maximise the outcome, creating the correct sales opportunity for you and your team.

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