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Service Overview

What sets us apart from the numerous other telemarketing companies based in this sector is our dedication, both to you and your customers, our experience and our flexibility. We have covered most aspects of telephone work inside the industry including: –


Service Follow up calls

The average dealer can see a return of tens of thousands of pounds for meeting relevant KPI’s within their manufacturer CSI scoring bands, make a small investment now, to increase customer retention, increase brand loyalty, increase dealership loyalty. Find out more >>

Sales Enquiry/Handover Follow up calls

With appropriate knowledge and training the average dealer could also see 1 -2 incremental vehicle sales per month, at an assumed value of £700 retained PPU; the service not only comfortably pays for itself, but should also see Sales CSI scores increase. Find out more >>

Amber Follow up calls

Based on 100 calls per dealer per month, and an average return of £80 per healthcheck, you should get back work to the value of £2,800 per month, or £33,600 per year. Find out more >>


Lead Generation/Appointment Making

Our approach is to build relationships with potential customers over time, so that trust and rapport are built prior to booking an appointment, by using our combined experience and structured call backs to sell the benefits. Find out more >>

Total Customer Ownership calls

The aim of TCO is to make sure we keep in touch with our customer, to continually build loyalty through effective ‘account management’ of the customer, making the calls we would like our retail salespeople to make, but which in reality they don’t do as often as we would like them to. Find out more >>


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