About Us

Based in the middle of rural Cheshire; CSI calls is a full service telemarketing agency, specialist in the automotive industry.

What sets us apart from the numerous other telemarketing companies based in this sector is our dedication, both to you and your customers, our experience and our flexibility.

If you have a specific need or want that we haven’t listed here, please use the contact form or call us directly to discuss the project you are interested in.

As befits our location on remote farmland, we carry a relaxed mature approach to your work which carries across to your customers, assuring you we are representing your dealer/brand to your customers in the manner you would want. The youngest person in our office currently is 35 years old.

We’ve been representing clients for a number of years and our longest standing customer has worked with us for over 7 years so far, because of the quality of work we provide, and the level of relationship we build with our clients.

Stuart Hack – Service Manager Poole Audi had this to say about our work: -

…they have helped us to identify customer issues and concerns the day after the visit so that they can be handled in a proactive way leading to customer delight. The feedback received is extremely powerful and drives change in the business to ensure that we always put the customer first…

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